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  • Where dignity, peace and comfort take priority
  • Where companionship, interest and activity flourishes.
  • And where people are supported to lead the fullest possible lives

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Staff Appreciation Days 2014

This year marked the first installment of Royal Bay Care Home's 'Staff Appreciation Day'.

"Thank You to all our staff for all your hard work and dedication throughout the year!"

Tree with staff appreciation messages

A day where our Care Home Managers organised a day of presentation, food, drink as well as some fun and frolics for all the staff to enjoy and have a bit of downtime.

staff tug of war

Each of the Managers used various methods to communicate to the staff how the residents appreciated them. One home asked the residents to provide descriptive words of each of the staff, whilst other homes created 'Appreciation Trees' whereby residents' comments of thanks were hung as ornaments. Each of the homes also distributed individual certificates to each of the staff with a personalised (often tongue in cheek) message of tribute.

staff appreciation certificates

Each home had a nice afternoon which provided an important little bit of downtime for most staff. Now to look towards next years, which I'm sure will be even bigger and better!

Published: 29/08/2014