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  • Where companionship, interest and activity flourishes.
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A Week of Delightful Company at The Old Vicarage Care Home

At The Old Vicarage Care Home, every day brings something special and our residents were thoroughly entertained recently with visits from some furry friends and some energetic youngsters!

First, we welcomed some adorable guinea pigs, who were met with much excitement and gentle petting from our residents. They enjoyed feeding the little animals and learning about their care. With so much joy, our residents fussed over these charming creatures, creating lovely memories.

A few days later, our residents were treated to a visit from the children at Little Peeps Childcare. The children brought smiles and laughter as they sang, danced, and played parachute games with our residents. The energy was infectious, spreading smiles across every face. It was a heartwarming experience for everyone involved, and we look forward to welcoming them back again soon.

These visits are a wonderful reminder of the importance of intergenerational connection and the joy that companionship can bring. We are grateful to Margaret for introducing us to her lovely guinea pigs and to Lauren for bringing the children from Little Peeps Childcare to visit us. Our residents look forward to welcoming the children from Little Peeps back soon for our Easter Bonnet Parade and Easter egg hunt.

Guinea Pig Guests Young Visitors

Published: 05/03/2024