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The Old Vic Celebrate Children in Need with Pudsey Bear Biscuits

The residents at The Old Vicarage Care Home recently came together to commemorate Children in Need by baking Pudsey Bear biscuits. This fun activity brought a sense of joy and excitement to our home, as we all got involved in creating delicious treats that looked fantastic.

Inspired by Children in Need's iconic mascot Pudsey Bear, our residents carefully crafted biscuits that resembled the beloved character. Each biscuit was unique, full of character and truly a work of art. And, of course it goes without saying, they were also very tasty!

Everyone had a great time taking part in this activity, which provided a wonderful opportunity to connect and bond with each other while also supporting a worthy cause. The residents worked alongside our staff, sharing ideas and helping each other in creating their own Pudsey Bear biscuits.

The activity also highlighted the talent and creativity present in our community, as our residents showcased their skills in baking and decorating. It was a reminder that age should never be a barrier to trying new things or discovering hidden talents.

At The Old Vicarage Care Home, we believe in creating a vibrant and fulfilling environment for our residents. Activities such as baking Pudsey Bear biscuits help to create a sense of togetherness and promote engagement. We are incredibly proud of the enthusiasm and talent displayed by our residents in commemorating Children in Need with these fantastic biscuits.


Published: 07/12/2023