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The Old Vic Raises Money for World Diabetes Day

Diabetes is a disease that affects hundreds of millions of people across the globe, with many losing their life to it every year. Diabetes research and treatment is a cause that is very important to both staff and residents at The Old Vicarage Care Home, elderly care home in Kettering, so everybody was keen to recognise World Diabetes Day when it came around on 14th November.
To get into the spirit of the day the residents enjoyed having their nails painted. Blue is the choice of colour for World Diabetes Day so it was the perfect choice of colour for the residents too! It also matched the official badges and spectacular headwear that was sent out to be used on the day.
This fun was followed up by a raffle, arranged to raise money to donate to the fantastic cause. A local Tesco store very generously donated a number of lovely prizes to be raffled off, which we were incredibly grateful for! There was a great response, loads of tickets were sold and some very lucky entrants bagged themselves some great prizes! In the end a fantastic sum of £100 was raised which will go to Diabetes UK and help fund the fight against diabetes.
World Diabetes Day - Elderly Care Home Kettering Staff and Residents - Elderly Care Home Kettering 
Blue Nails - Elderly Care Home Kettering

Published: 01/12/2021