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Armchair Travel at The Old Vic

Earlier this month residents at The Old Vicarage Care Home, gold standard nursing home in Northamptonshire, celebrated a very apt occasion - International Day of Older Persons! This annual holiday focuses on creating awareness and empathy for the well being of the elderly. Each year’s celebration observes a specific theme, which this year was Digital Equity for All Ages. This is an area that is becoming more relevant each day as so many aspects of life become tied to technology.
As our way of honouring this year’s theme, The Old Vic enjoyed some armchair travel. This isn’t moving from one location to another by means of a motorised armchair as it may sound - to the dismay of some of our more adventurous residents! Armchair travel is a wonderful way to enjoy a virtual vacation from the comfort of your own home. By incorporating travel-themed media you can travel the globe without leaving your armchair! Utilising our flat screen TV our residents took in some amazing surroundings. From the exotic beaches of Seychelles to some popular tourist destinations closer to home, including Buckingham Palace and Holyroodhouse, the residents had a fantastic time on their virtual holiday!
Armchair Travel - Gold Standard Nursing Home Northamptonshire


Published: 28/10/2021