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Residents at The Old Vicarage Get Busy in the Allotment

The residents at The Old Vicarage Care Home, our gold standard nursing home in Northamptonshire, had the opportunity to exercise their green fingers recently in their very own allotment. Having access to their own allotment not only allows them the chance to get out and get their hands dirty, it is also a fantastic source of fresh produce! The weather was lovely this week so they decided to make the most of it by heading outside and getting some gardening done.

After tending to the existing array of plants and planting a few more for good measure it was time to reap the rewards of previous hard work. There were some potatoes ready to be harvested and the residents took great joy in digging them up and seeing the fruits of their labour. Given how lovely they looked it was only right that they were added straight onto that evening’s dinner menu! The residents helped to wash and prepare them before sending them off to the kitchen to be turned into something delicious!

You can see more photos of the residents at our elderly care home in Kettering enjoying their day in the allotment at the Royal Bay Facebook page.

Residents Harvesting Potatoes at The Old Vicarage Care Home

Published: 20/08/2020