We believe a home should be

  • Where each person is an individual
  • Where there are no unnecessary rules and regulations
  • Where dignity, peace and comfort take priority
  • Where companionship, interest and activity flourishes.
  • And where people are supported to lead the fullest possible lives

Great Ballard School visits Claremont Lodge nr Fontwell

 On the 27th of November, Claremont Lodge (Care Home with Nursing) had a number of visitors from the local school. Some of Great Ballards 'Early Years' students (Nursery and Reception) visited Claremont for an afternoon of crafts and conversation.

The school said; "We all agreed it had been a really special afternoon and it was lovely to overhear some kind comments from the residents. “A very successful afternoon, enjoyed by all,” was one lovely thought. “It was a lovely afternoon; thank you for coming” was another lady’s reflection and our favourite comment was an observation on how well-behaved the children were."

You can read the whole of the school's blog post here: http://www.greatballard.co.uk/news/2017-11-28/Early-Years-Trip-to-Claremont-Lodge-Nursing-Home




Published: 01/01/2018